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An Award for 90 Grad Nord

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We're overjoyed to announce that 90 Degrees North has won Best Fiction at InTe Cinema Festival! Thank you to the team at InTe for having us and to the jury, Massimo Cristaldi, Guido Fiandra, and Icaro Lorenzoni, for their kind verdict:

"A surreal, disturbing, grotesque metaphor on how men are shaped by strict rules, put in place by a oppressive and obtuse system which is baleful to contradict. This short film was excellent both for its narrative development and for its direction and photography (such as Hall 9000 from “2011 A Space Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke-Kubrik and the truck in “Duel” by Matheson-Spielberg) manages to build with few means a visionary and disquieting work, dense with significance and tension."


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