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Tintagel Castle in Cornwall is a place shrouded in magical myths of King Arthur and Merlin. Unfortunately its beaches are also shrouded in plastic waste spewed out by the sea. As Detsky’s watched his kids tackle the impossible task of clearing the rocks of old toothbrushes and soap dispensers, he resolved to do his bit for the planet. 


Whilst co-founder of Plasticfreeworld - an ecosystem for plastic-free products and initiatives  - Detsky learnt some hard lessons. First, it’s brutal out there in the startup world. There are a lots of products and companies not getting the exposure they deserve. Second, getting customers to go green and stay green is tricky. But, there’s also room for entertaining and eye-catching green and socially conscious commercials and content.


K17’s Greenwing offers its production and directing services to green and socially conscious products and initiatives. We can give you outstanding ideas, concepts, scripts and production separately or all in one go. Drop us a line and let's talk.

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