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Anthrax Island
Psychological Thriller Streaming Series


A group of Dark Tourists visit the legendary Anthrax Island on the Scottish coast. and accidentally reactivate a dormant and intelligent virus that re-orders their personalities and memories as it tries to escape to the mainland.

Writers: Chris Rubino & Detsky Graffam


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Paradise II
Fantasy Comedy Horror Streaming Series


When an old WW2 bomb explodes a mighty magical mushroom in  the middle of Berlin, a teenage minor must help repair the damage and stop a natural apocalypse whilst she resolves a vicious land battle between her anal grandad’s garden allotment colony and an ancient tribe of wild Gnomes.


Paradise II is a modern-day-fairy-tale-western-satire-mash-up about nature, man, capitalism and hedge heights. It's about how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice. Whether to your family, tribe, cause or nature? 

Writers:  Detsky Graffam & Felix Laubscher

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Souls Anonymous
Streaming Series of 8 Sci-Fi / Supernatural Shorts


An Anthology of bite- size genre-bending stories about normal people in peculiar situations. Everyday people who are forced to confront those everyday anxieties of the human spirit before they spiral them into the finalities of the absurd.


Director / Writer: Detsky Graffam

Writer:  Mark Tenn

Director:  Alvaro Donado

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